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Botox is a purified inactive protein derived from botulinum toxin type A, which is manufactured in the laboratory at Abbvie. When injected at specific points, it blocks the nerve impulses responsible for muscle activity, thereby reducing the movement of certain muscle groups and, as a result, reducing pain and expression lines. Used for nearly 30 years in medicine for its therapeutic virtues – notably for the prevention of chronic migraines and the treatment of hyperhidrosis – it is also appreciated for its aesthetic properties. In addition to reducing wrinkles, it can also be injected for aesthetic applications such as the correction of a smile where the upper gums are very exposed.


The FRP which is defined as : Fibrin-rich platelet is a concentrate of the patient’s own immune system. It is obtained by a blood puncture taken from the patient at the beginning of the procedure. The tubes of blood obtained are placed vertically in a low-velocity centrifuge. After a few minutes, the patient’s red blood cells will be separated from the white blood cells, those where the immune system remains trapped in a fibrin matrix containing the patient’s own stem cells. FRP has been used since the 1980s in regeneration and tissue repair in medicine, dentistry, sports and facial medicine.


We are in an era where the aging of the individual worries the population. It goes without saying that the aging of the skin and tissues surrounding the mouth begins at the age of 25. And what are the solutions? In fact, it is possible to better understand this phenomenon by understanding the facial, oral and articular anatomy of the jaws and by reflecting on the biological and mechanical aspects of this masticatory organ. The oral environment and its anatomical structures are described as complex since they assist in swallowing, serve as a food grinder for the survival of the other organs of the human body and is also a verbo-motor vehicle that allows communication between individuals and the protective yawning reflex. In dentistry, we are the professionals responsible for three major departments: the extraoral tissues which are related to the oral environment, the intraoral tissues as well as the teeth and finally the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) which connects the skull and the upper jaw with the lower jaw.


First, we will discuss the extra-oral tissues that are related to the oral environment. The aging of the skin and tissues surrounding the mouth begins at the age of 25 years by the slowing down of collagen production. This cell is a protein that is found in all the muscles of our body.
It is responsible for protecting the internal organs from external stimuli such as UV rays, pollution, wind and the environment. It plays an important role in the repair and healing process of the body in case of external or genetic impact. From the age of 35, irreversible defects slowly set in, which in medicine is called cellular decay or aging. We can use botox and/or FRP-facial to repair and/or regenerate the failing tissues.


Secondly, we will discuss about intra-oral tissues and teeth. The making of a human being begins with the formation of oral tissues and then the appearance of 20 milky teeth that will be followed by 32 other teeth that will replace them. Many infections and diseases are found in the mouth and on the teeth. We can use Botox to relieve muscle pain and/or FRP injections to repair and/or regenerate failing tissues. The latter are also used in periodontics, bone and gum grafting and endodontics.


Thirdly, we will discuss the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint is the most complex of the human body, because it is bilateral and it is held in the three-dimensional space by muscles and ligaments, so it moves in three possible directions. These peculiarities explain the results of studies that show that 95% of the population has or will have a problem during its existence with their TMJ. We can use Botox to relieve muscular pain related to the TMJ and/or FRP injections to repair and/or regenerate certain failing tissues.

In conclusion, the aging of the human being begins in the mid-twenties. A complete evaluation of your oral health and surrounding tissues by your dentist is necessary beforehand. Our role is to advise you on the appropriate treatments required and adapted to your general medical condition, in the three main areas of dentistry for which we are responsible

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