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Tooth Whitening

Having a whiter smile is synonymous with beauty and health for many people. That’s why teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for patients. Dr. Emmanuelle Seica, your dentist in Blainville, offers solutions that are as effective as they are safe, to help you achieve a bright smile.

Our clinic offers two options for teeth whitening :
chair bleaching (performed in clinic) and bleaching with removable trays (performed at home).

Why choose a professional
treatment for teeth whitening ?

Seeing your dentist for teeth whitening is choosing a treatment option that is effective, yet healthy for your mouth. If you consult her for whiter teeth, Dr. Seica will begin by performing an examination to determine your needs, observe the level of discoloration of your teeth, and select the treatment that is best for you. This examination also ensures that it is safe for your oral health to perform the treatment.

It is important to know that tooth whitening products, whether they are used by dental professionals or available over the counter, contain peroxide as a whitening agent. This product, if used improperly, can irritate the tissues of the mouth, exacerbate a problem that is already present (cavities, gingivitis, etc.) and cause severe pain. Therefore, it is important not to neglect the consultation with the dentist before undertaking a treatment of whitening treatment,
whatever it may be.

Finally, the products used by the dentist are more concentrated in whitening agent, which makes professional treatments more effective and offer more pronounced results. Even so, they are still safe for your teeth and mouth because they are used under the supervision of your dental team.

Our options to whiten
your smile

Chair whitening

  • Entirely done in the clinic, during an appointment of about 1 hour ;
  • A gel with a high concentration of peroxide is applied to the teeth, then activated with an LED light. A few applications of 15-20 minutes are necessary ;
  • Touch-ups are then done at home, using removable aligners.
  • This treatment is recommended for patients who have white stains on their teeth or who have very yellowed teeth ;
  • It offers deep, long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Whitening at home

  • Carried out with removable trays, specially designed from digital impressions of your teeth, for a uniform and natural result.
  • The patient performs the treatment himself, at home, by applying the whitening gel in the removable trays and placing them on his teeth.
  • The treatment is usually done in 30-minute applications, twice a day, for a period of about 1 week.
  • The treatment is always performed under the supervision and according to the advice of the dentist.
  • It offers effective and lasting results, while being safe.