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Dental extractions

Our Blainville dental clinic offers you its services for dental extractions, whether they are simple or surgical. You will benefit from the qualifications of our dentist, Dr. Seica, who will put you at ease before the procedure.

There are several reasons why our team may recommend a dental extraction. In cases where this is the only treatment option that can be considered, we will always present you with a treatment plan. This includes not only the extraction of the problematic tooth, but also the options available to you to replace it.

A necessary procedure to protect
the integrity of your smile

When we recommend extracting a tooth, it is because the tooth has lost too much natural structure to continue to perform its functions within the dentition, particularly duringchewing. Most often, it is because the tooth is affected by a deep cavity that has severely damaged it, or because a periodontal disease has destroyed the supporting tissues of the tooth. Trauma can also be the cause of severe tooth damage.

This procedure is always done under local anesthesia to avoid pain. Also, at the Emmanuelle Seica Dental Center, we can offer you the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation if you are particularly anxious about the procedure. Dr. Seicavous will provide you with tips to apply before the surgery to help it go smoothly. Afterwards, you will need to follow some important post-operative guidelines to encourage the healing of your mouth tissues.

The extraction of a permanent tooth should never be seen as an end in itself. Rather, it is a step in your treatment plan to protect the integrity of your smile and restore its full function. That’s why our team will present you with options to replace the missing tooth or teeth: dental implants, partial dentures, etc. Replacing a missing tooth is always essential to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and to prevent associated complications.

Dental extraction:
possible causes of the
the intervention

Why proceed with a dental extraction ?

The most common causes of tooth extraction are:

  • Tooth decay : Untreated tooth decay can attack every part of the tooth and significantly affect its natural structure. If the tooth cannot be treated with a root canal, it must be extracted.
  • Periodontitis :Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in Canadian adults. Periodontal disease causes the irreversible destruction of the tissue in which the roots of the teeth are anchored. Untreated periodontal disease in its advanced stages can lead to the need for tooth extraction.
  • Tooth fractures : As a result of trauma, teeth may fracture. When a fracture reaches the root of a tooth, it is necessary to extract the tooth and replace it.

Simple extraction or surgical extraction

At Centre dentaire Emmanuelle Seica, we perform dental extractions directly at our clinic thanks to the surgical skills of our dentist.

  • Simple dental extraction : This type of extraction concerns teeth that have normally erupted and are visible in the mouth. The dentist can then easily extract them using specialized equipment.
  • Surgical tooth extraction : This type of extraction concerns teeth that have partially erupted or that remain under the gum line. In these cases, it is necessary to make an incision in the gum and certain tissues of the mouth in order to extract the teeth.