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Nitrous oxide

At Centre dentaire Emmanuelle Seica, your dentist in Blainville, we are pleased to offer the benefits of nitrous oxide anesthesia for dental treatments to people who are anxious. This anesthesia technique is very gentle and safe, allowing even the most anxious and reluctant patients to receive care in complete peace of mind.

Our team’s goal is to make you feel safe when you visit us at the clinic. We will be happy to provide you with the benefits of nitrous oxide if it is indicated for your case.

What is nitrous oxide and how does it feel ?

Many people feel stress about dental care, but they still manage to overcome this feeling and visit their dentist when they need to. However, some people experience such a high level of anxiety that it becomes paralyzing and prevents them from receiving the treatment they need. It is in these cases that the use of nitrous oxide becomes relevant.

Nitrous oxide is a low potency anesthetic. In fact, it is considered to be the safest sedation agent for anxiety control during dental or medical treatment. It is often known as “laughing gas”. Because it is mixed with pure oxygen and then administered nasally, it is popularly known as “clown nose” when treating younger patients. Since it has calming and relaxing properties on the brain, it is very effective in reducing the stress and fear a patient may feel.

This colorless, non-irritating and practically odorless gas is not very soluble in the blood. It therefore provides a rapid effect, in about 3 minutes, but its effects are nevertheless rapidly reversible, in 5 minutes maximum. Nitrous oxide is advantageous because it has an analgesic effect (which reduces pain), while potentiating the effect of anesthetic drugs.

With nitrous oxide, the feeling of discomfort, stress and anxiety that anxious patients experience is replaced by a feeling of well-being. Patients are relaxed and often describe their experience as floating in a pleasant dream.

Can I take advantage of the
benefits of nitrous oxide ?
nitrous oxide ?

Who is nitrous oxide intended for ?

  • Adults who are nervous or anxious about visiting their dentist ;
  •  Patients who are afraid of receiving an injection in the mouth ;
  •  Patients who are very sensitive to pain ;
  •  People who have to undergo long-term treatment ;
  •  Children who are anxious, unruly or have a disability.

The advantages of nitrous oxide

  • It works quickly: in just a few minutes, the feeling of stress is replaced by a deep sense of well-being ;
  •  It is versatile: it can be adjusted according to each patient in order to obtain an optimal state of relaxation, in conditions that are as fast as they are effective;
  •  Recovery is rapid: the beneficial effects of laughing gas disappear in 3 to 5 minutes as soon as it is stopped.There is no residual sedation, which means that you can resume your regular activities (such as driving a car) directly after treatment.