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The personalized mouthguard

When practicing sports where there is a risk of falls or impacts, we think of protecting our head with a helmet, but what about our teeth? When practicing certain sports, it is essential to wear an appropriate protection to protect the dentofacial structures from impacts: it is the personalized mouthguard.

At our Blainville dental clinic, we are able to design protective appliances specially adapted to your teeth. They offer you optimal protection while you practice your favorite sports, so you can concentrate on your performance.

What is a mouthguard ?

The mouth guard is a removable device that protects the teeth, the soft tissues of the mouth and the jaw from possible injuries related to the practice of certain sports. It protects against shocks and dental clenching during sports, and helps limit the risk of concussion that can occur when there are significant shocks to the jaws.

The mouthguard is made of a plastic that is very durable. To design it, we first make impressions of the patient’s teeth, which we use to design a guard that will fit perfectly in the mouth. Once the mouthguard is made, we take the time during a second appointment to give the patient our recommendations for wearing and maintaining the mouthguard.

There are several types of mouthguards for athletes. Some are prefabricated and available over the counter. However, BEWARE! these mouthguards are less effective and offer less protection than custom-made mouthguards that are made by the dentist.

What sports require protection
and why choose the
custom mouthguard ?

The anti-snoring device is worn during sleep to
excessive snoring and sleep apnea of low to moderate severity.
It is designed to keep the airway unobstructed on a continuous basis by moving the lower jaw slightly forward. This device, which is also called a mandibular advancement orthosis, tightens the soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway. This prevents obstructive apnea during sleep, as well as snoring.

With anti-snoring braces, 91% of patients have seen an improvement in the quality of their sleep. Before the braces are made, you must first have a consultation with a pulmonologist to ensure that you are a good candidate for this snoring treatment. At your dental appointment, Dr. Seica can provide you with a prescription for this consultation.

Individuals who participate in the following sports should be sure to wear a customized mouthguard to prevent oral damage:

  • Sports with a high risk of impact (field hockey, soccer, rugby, etc.) ;
  • Combat sports where there is a high risk of being hit in the face (boxing, karate, taekwondo, etc.);
  • Sports with a high risk of falls (gymnastics, mountain biking, skiing, etc.).

Benefits of choosing a custom mouthguard :

  • The customized protector offers better protection because it fits perfectly on your teeth ;
  • It is much more stable in the mouth than the over-the-counter protector, which reduces the risk of it coming out of the mouth during sports practice ;
  • It is much more comfortable to wear since it is designed specifically for your teeth, allowing you to focus on your performance and enjoyment.