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Dental Implants

Dr. Seica is a member of the Canadian Association of Implantology and the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI).

Why choose our clinic for dental implants? Thanks to our advanced training in implantology, you will be taken care of for the entire treatment. We not only perform the implant preparation and surgery, but also everything related to the design and fabrication of the replacement teeth or dentures that will overcome the implants.

In implantology, the key to success lies in preparation, since implant placement is a surgery that requires a great deal of precision.

At our Blainville dental clinic, we have the necessary equipment and software to ensure the precision of our work and to minimize the risk of error.

Dental implants, a choice option for replacing
to replace missing teeth

A dental implant takes the form of a small screw, made of titanium, which is inserted directly into the jawbone during surgery. It is used to replace the tooth roots of a missing tooth and is used as a solid support for various types of dentures. Titanium is the preferred material in implantology because it is biocompatible with the human body, meaning that it is unlikely to be rejected by our bodies.

The main advantage of dental implants is a process called osseointegration. Once it is placed within the jaw and as it heals, new bone cells form around the implant, allowing it to anchor itself very firmly in the jawbone. For this reason, dental implants offer advantages that are unmatched by other dental techniques.

Several conditions must be met for a person to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. For this reason, before even considering this treatment option, a comprehensive consultation and oral examination must be performed.

At our clinic, Dr. Seica is pleased to offer you an implantology consultation. During this consultation, our team will learn about your dental needs and discuss the options available to you.

The advantages of implants and the criteria for their placement

The advantages of dental implants

If the idea of wearing dentures makes you cringe, dental implants may appeal to you because of their many benefits :

Dental implants provide a more natural feel than wearing a traditional denture, which can make pronouncing some words more difficult.

Implants provide unparalleled stability to the replacement teeth, resulting in improved chewing ability.
When properly cared for, dental implants can remain in place for your entire life. It is a real investment in the health of your smile.

The presence of implants in the jaw avoids the resorption of the jawbone. The health of the jaws therefore benefits from the installation of dental implants.

Implants give you a smile you can be proud to show to others. You will regain your confidence with implants!

Am I a good candidate to receive
dental implants ?

There are three main criteria that must be met in order to benefit from the placement of dental implants. We will make sure that these criteria are met during an examination.

  • The patient must have good general health.
  • The patient must have gums that are in excellent health.
  • The patient must have sufficient bone mass in the jaw to receive the implants.


Implantology & Invisalign

Come and meet our team for a consultation in dental implantology or Invisalign orthodontics, whether for adults or for orthodontics from 5 years of age and up. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the treatment options available for your condition.