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Prosthesis on implants

Thanks to her qualifications in implantology, Dr. Seica, your dentist in Blainville, can design implant-supported dental prostheses specially adapted to your needs.

If you are completely toothless in one or both arches of your mouth, we have the solution that will allow you to start enjoying a strong smile again, one that you will be happy to show off to your friends and family. Our implant-supported dentures are also the ideal solution for patients who are tired of wearing traditional dentures that are unstable and require constant adjustments.

At our Blainville dental clinic, we have the equipment and software necessary to ensure the precision of our work and to minimize the risk of error.

Why is an implant-supported prosthesis
more advantageous than traditional prostheses?

First of all, it is important to know that dental implants are small screws that are firmly anchored in the patient’s jawbone, thanks to the osseointegration process. For this reason, implants are excellent anchors for dentures, which are attached This results in various advantages for the patient, as the denture is very stable. After the short adaptation period, there is no difficulty in pronouncing more difficult words. In addition, the high stability of the prosthesis provides excellent chewing ability, which is very close to that of natural teeth.
Also, there’s no need to worry about there is no need to worry about the prosthesis moving or falling out!

Another important advantage; the presence of the implants within the jawbone will continue to stimulate the jawbone. With traditional dentures, the absence of tooth roots leads to a gradual resorption of the jawbone. Over time, the jawbone loses volume, which has an impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face and the stability of conventional dentures. Conventional dentures must therefore always be adjusted because the jawbone “melts” more and more over time. With implant-supported dentures, these important inconveniences are prevented.

At our clinic, Dr. Seica is pleased to offer you an implantology consultation. During this consultation, our team will learn about your dental needs and discuss the options available to you.

The different types
of prostheses on implants

Removable Prosthesis on Spherical Attachment
for mandible

  • Installed on the lower jaw with 2 or 4 implants ;
  • Held in place with spherical attachments, it can be removed for hygiene ;
  • Supported by the implants and the gum, it is stable, comfortable and offers a good chewing capacity.

Removable prosthesis for maxilla

  • Installed on the upper jaw with 4 to 6 implants ;
  • Held in place by removable attachments that look like snaps ;
  • Supported by the implants and the gum, it is stable and offers good chewing comfort.

Removable prosthesis on bar

  • Installed on 4 to 6 implants on the upper jaw and on 4 to 5 implants on the lower jaw;
  • The prosthesis is entirely held in place by the implants and by the bar that is installed on them ;
  • It is as strong as a fixed prosthesis, but it can be removed for hygiene ;
  • The prosthesis is stable and comfortable because it does not exert pressure on the gums.

Fixed prosthesis

  • Installed on 4 to 6 implants on the upper jaw and on 4 to 5 implants on the lower jaw ;
  • It is fixed to the implants. It can only be removed by the dentist during routine visits ;
  • This type of prosthesis is the closest to natural teeth in terms of mastication ;
  • It is fully supported by the implants for more comfort ;
  • On the upper jaw, it allows the palate to be clear so that you can enjoy the taste and temperature of

All-on-4 prosthesis

  • This type of prosthesis has the same qualities as a fixed prosthesis ;
  • The procedure is performed in one appointment. A temporary prosthesis is installed, which is
    replaced by a permanent prosthesis after a few months ;
  • It is installed on 4 to 6 implants on the upper jaw and on 4 implants on the lower jaw.


Implantology & Invisalign

Come and meet our team for a consultation in dental implantology or Invisalign orthodontics, whether for adults or for orthodontics from 5 years of age and up. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the treatment options available for your condition.