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Dr. Seica and her team offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment with Invisalign in Blainville. By using a series of clear, removable shells instead of traditional braces to correct tooth alignment problems, Invisalign technology has truly revolutionized the field of orthodontics.

We are proud to offer you all the benefits of Invisalign at our Blainville dental clinic.

How the Invisalign
the Invisalign technology

With Invisalign braces, we say goodbye to metal braces that are uncomfortable to wear and goodbye to dietary restrictions. This technique is based on the use of a series of transparent and removable shells, designed specifically for your teeth thanks to digital impressions taken directly in the clinic. The treatment is entirely planned using a computerized 3D program.

The system is simple: a first series of shells is worn by the patient for a period of one to two weeks. Then, these first shells are replaced by the next set, and so on. In short, each time the shells are changed, we get closer to the final result in terms of tooth alignment. The total treatment time and the number of shells during the treatment depend on the initial position of the teeth and the desired final positioning. All of these factors are accurately determined when the initial treatment plan is made.

Invisalign technology is very popular, as it allows for the correction of tooth alignment problems in a discreet way, as the patient has to wear transparent shells rather than metal braces. Secondly, since they are removable, the patient does not have to change their lifestyle, they can continue to eat and perform their dental hygiene routine as they did before.

Invisalign :
treatment steps
and characteristics

The steps of the Invisalign treatment

  • During the initial consultation, we use the iTero scan to take digital impressions of the patient’s teeth. This is done in minutes and without any unpleasant material in the mouth ;
  • Using the computerized program, the patient’s treatment is planned. The patient can be told how long the treatment will take, what the individual steps will be and how much it will cost;
  • Invisalign shells are designed in the laboratory. When they are ready, the patient picks them up at the clinic and receives instructions from the dental team;
  • AWith time, the different series of shells allow to obtain the result that was foreseen in the treatment plan.

Good to know !

  • A treatment with Invisalign is generally shorter than a standard orthodontic treatment ;
  • The price of the treatment is established in the treatment plan. The price of the treatment is established in the treatment plan and varies according to the complexity of the problem to be treated;
  • Each series of orthodontic shells must be worn for a precise and predetermined period of time in the treatment plan. This duration is 7, 10 or 14 days, depending on the particularity of the movements of the teeth.


Implantology & Invisalign

Come and meet our team for a consultation in dental implantology or Invisalign orthodontics, whether for adults or for orthodontics from 5 years of age and up. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the treatment options available for your condition.