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Orthodontics for teens

Does your teenager have problems with the alignment of his or her teeth or the bite of his or her jaws? At the Centre dentaire Emmanuelle Seica in Blainville, we have several orthodontic solutions to help.

Misaligned teeth, jaws that are too narrow or too far forward teeth that do not erupt normally; these are all problems that can affect the oral health. If you have any doubts about your child’s smile, we strongly invite you to come and consult our team in order to evaluate the situation.

Adolescence, a good time to
to intervene in orthodontics

You may have noticed that teenagers are the ones most often seen wearing braces. This is not by chance. In fact, adolescence is often considered the ideal time to treat a dental malocclusion problem.

By the age of 12-13, a teenager’s teeth are normally well developed, meaning that the vast majority of their permanent teeth are in their mouths. The dentist is then able to detect a possible problem with the alignment of the teeth, the position of each tooth or the relationship between the upper and lower jaws (occlusion). Even though the development of the teeth and jaws is already well advanced, their development potential is still ideal for intervention.

For this reason, Dr. Seica strongly recommends that you seek orthodontic treatment with your teenager if this has not already been done. This way, we can intercept a problem quickly to promote a good dental occlusion. Always remember that properly aligned teeth and jaws promote good oral health and self-esteem.

Problems and
and solutions
for adolescents

What problems can we intercept in orthodontic treatment orthodontics in adolescence ?

  • Misaligned, “crooked” or overlapping teeth;
  • pronounced interdental spaces that affect the aesthetic appearance of the smile
  • Lack of space on the jaws, leading to problems with tooth alignment or occlusion ;
  • Malocclusion of the jaws (unbalanced relationship between the upper and lower jaws) ;
  • Teeth that have not erupted naturally or that have not appeared in the right place.

Which orthodontic techniques do we prefer
in adolescents ?

We understand that teenagers are often reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment because they are embarrassed to wear braces or braces. That’s why we prefer orthodontic techniques that combine comfort and discretion to encourage them to make the right decision for the health of their smile, for example :

  • Invisalign technology that uses removable, clear aligners (available for older teens whose teeth and jaws are already well developed).


Implantology & Invisalign

Come and meet our team for a consultation in dental implantology or Invisalign orthodontics, whether for adults or for orthodontics from 5 years of age and up. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the treatment options available for your condition.